Guarantee On-Time Arrival for a shipment sent Priority Overnight.

APS Insurance will be on non-live shipments only. If you need insurance for a live shipment, please use one of our live shipping sites. 

Cost: $1.00 per $100 worth of coverage. This is for On-TIme Arrival and the value of the shipment.  

Maximum coverage - $5,000 per package. (Additional coverage may be purchased upon special arrangement with All Pro Shipping management.  Call (303) 730 - 2125 or email

If your shipment is delivered late, even just one minute according to FedEx time stamps, past the Guaranteed Time of Arrival (GTA), you may receive a full refund of the shipping costs for that label.   

Insurance for the contents of the shipment will be paid out if FedEx has lost, destroyed, or damaged the package. 

Claims must be made within 4 hours of delivery.

          Email: or
          Phone: 303-730-2125 (voicemail is fine if no one is able to answer).

APS Insurance is completely self-funded. FedEx waives all guarantees on live shipments, including arrival times. APS does not receive any reimbursement from FedEx for late packages.

If you decline insurance coverage, there is no refund on late shipments for any reason.